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Julius Cotter: New videobook

Decara representation of actors.

Decara-Actores is an agency for actors representation located in Spain, with actors from all over the world and spread across the Spanish geography. Our primary interest is to aid our client’s careers nationwide and internationally. We are a personalized agency interested in finding actors from different nationalities and cultures, with different accents and languages around the world. Among our customers you would find African, French,  English, American, German, Swiss, Croatian, Mexican, Colombian, Argentine, Chinese, Russian, Central European, Arabic,  Eastern European, Catalan and of course Spanish actors.

International actors residing in Spain

This website is a window to the world. We update it daily with pictures, curriculums, videobooks, news, links of interest and new additions. You could also find some actors’ blogs where customers can post their most immediate interests, thoughts, opinion articles, last-minute news, their last shootings etc. We hope to be a helpful tool for finding the actors and actresses that you need for the casting of your next film project, television, series, short films, theatre (play) etc. We are at your disposal if you need further information

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