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SAMAD MADKOURI, He was born on the 16th of February in 1985 in Demnate, a town in the Atlas bereber mountain range, in Marrakech region. From bereber traditional parents, when he was 3 years old he moved to Casablanca, a big city to begin his studies in the French secondary school and after that he moved to Alicante (Spain) with his family. This city allowed him to initiate his studies in art after his high school period and moving to Madrid where he begins his drama studies and a career as an actor.

He was always supported by his family, his most important motivation. He had his first jobs which had the opportunity to balance with his drama studies in Arte4 actors studio in Madrid, where he had the chance to start his artistic steps in plays like LA DAMA DEL ALBA, from Alejandro Casona and EL OSO, from Chejov. A few years later he joined Errequeerre company where he took part in some stagings as LA TEMPESTAD from William Shakespeare,Salome, from Oscar Wilde and BATAVIA from David Barrocal. During all this time he enjoyed and worked very hard in dramatic seminaries with very important masters as Beatriz Peña, Mario Bolaños and Sergi Claramunt.  All his academic training is summarized in very intensive text analysis, body expression and camera performances.

In 2011 he starts his path in tv and his firs role is in RESCATANDO A SARA, a tv show in Antena 3 channel. Then he had his most important opportunity by acting in EL PRINCIPE, in Telecinco. In cinema he has participated in BARAKA, a short film from Nestor Ruiz Medina which is receiving a lot of good reviews.

He is a nature lover as he likes literature, films and well-being. He chose this career mostly because of the passion that he feels when he is acting and because he considers that life is brief, spontaneous and something that you have here and now.

Classic Arabic
High level
Short texts

Car license


Horse riding

Lucha escénica con espada


Dir. Nestor Ruiz Medina (Cortometraje)
Las Mimosas
Dir. Oliver Laxe


El Príncipe
Tele 5
Rescatando a Sara
Antena 3


Batavia. Historia de un Naugragio
Dir. David Berrocal
de Oscar Wilde –Dir. David Barrocal y Maite Pérez Astorga.
La tempestad
de W.Shakespeare –Dir. David Barroca
El oso
de Anton Chejov –Dir. Jesús Calvo
La dama del alba
de Alejandro Casona –Dir. JesúsCalvo
Edipo el rei
Dir. Jesús Calvo
La venganza de Don Mendo
Dir Rafa Hernández
Mucho ruido y pocas nueces
de W.Shakespeare -Dir.Amor Zapata
Pic nic
Dir. Mercedes Gutiérrez y José María López Ariza


Escuela de arte dramático y estudio de actores arte4

Diplomado en arte dramático

Especialidad: interpretación teatral, expresión corporal y cámara

Curso de voz y técnica vocal con Beatriz Peña

Curso de expresión corporal e interpretación a través del cuerpo con Mario Bolaños

Diploma de Improvisación y técnicas narrativas teatrales

Curso de formación teatral

Diploma de formación teatral

Curso intensivo con Sergi Claramunt

Diploma de formación teatral I. Teatro contemporáneo, musical y clásico. con Paca Barrera y Andrés Vinaches

Diploma de Interpretación