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Lola Errando


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Lola Errando

Born in the post-Olympic Barcelona, from a Valencian family, a family linked to the world of film, design and art. She has always had artistic interests, and even if since she was small she always was clear about that the interpretation was one of her passions, she wanted to combine it with other studies, she continues dreaming that her life is not only gird to one profession, but she will have the possibility of entering different exciting projects of various artistic fields.

Doubting study fashion design or cinema, she finally began her studies at the ESCAC, the Cinema School of Barcelona and is currently specializing in Cinematography, while she combines it with interpretation courses and jobs that may arise.

So, immersed in the world of cinema, she is passionate about working in front of and behind the camera.

Lola Errando-0
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  • "Mindanao ", Dir.Borja Soler
  • "Amar", Dir. Esteban Crespo
  • "BLOG", Dir. Elena Trapé
  • "La Noche de los Valientes", Dir. Marta Diaz de Lope Diaz. (cortometraje)
  • "Menopausicas", Dir. Marta Diaz de Lope Diaz (cortometraje)
  • "En Familia...", Dir. Maria Codina Rebull (cortometraje)
  • "La Manipuladora", Dir. Hamid Krim (cortometraje)


  • La casa sin Bernarda - Dir. Paula Errando.Lola Errando Diseño de Luces
  • Una obra sense actors, MALNASCUTS VII - - Dir. Paula Errando. Lola Errando Equipo de dramaturgia y diseño de luces.
  • Columbine - Dir. Jorge Yamam Serrano
  • Forest - Dir. Pau Miró


  • Maricón Perdido - TNT
  • Justo Antes de Cristo Personaje Sandaki - Movistar+


  • Modulo I Fernando Piernas
  • Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisual de Catalunya
  • Escuela Laura Jou
  • Teatro Juvenil Nancy Tuñon
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