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“I have chosen a profession where the only way to excel is to be authentic. And what an immense joy it is to be emotionally authentic. I have a dream job. I am glad I get to be a medium to tell stories, to act and to be a part of the human exchange.
– Sanghmitra Hitaishi”

Sanghmitra Hitaishi is an Indian born film and stage actress. She lives and works between Valencia, Spain and Mumbai, India.
She was selected as the first female Actress from India to be part of the ‘Berlinale Talents’ in the year 2015.
She started her career with Lajwanti the honour keeper which had its world premiered at the International Berlin Film Festival and launched her into the Independent cinema of India. She has gone onto to act International projects in Spain and Britain.
She has also worked in Web series’ for Netflix, Amazon and BBC. And he short films have been shown at Clermont Ferrand, Raindance and won the prestigious Indian National awards.
Sanghmitra is also a screenplay writer and has recently co-written a feature film script that has won the Valencia development grant. She is also in the process of directing her first short film.
Sanghmitra is quadrilingual and speaks English, Hindi, Urdu and Spanish.

Sanghmitra believes that being an actor means; to be both vulnerable, truthful and courageous at the same time.

Sanghmitra was born in the rural heartland of India, Uttar Pradesh in a conservative political family. As a young child she was sent by her mother to the world renowned fine art institution Kalakshetra Foundation, to study the Indian classical dance. Having been on stage from a young age, and moulded by the Krishnamurti ideology, her artistic journey began quite early in life and leading her way to Mumbai to pursue acting and now to International world of storytelling

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