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Said Taibi Jalufe, born July 1982, in Bni-Ammart ( a small village in the province of Al – Houceima ), Morocco. He is the second of nine siblings and when he was eight years old he moved with his father to Madrid, where he discovered TV and cartoons. In Madrid, with the language difficulty and the radical social and cultural change, he loved watching TEAM A, OLIVER AND BENJI, and LOS LADRONES VAN A LA OFICINA and so on, his great friends of his childhood.

At the age of fifteen, he left the secondary school and he started studing cookery and when he finished it he realized that it is not his cup of tea but he was working in different bars and restaurants until 2007. That year is a key point in his life because Said met a coworker and friend who recommended him to study performing arts given his outgoing personality. This friend invited him to go with him to the theater to see some teaching performing art classes with the great IÑAQUI AIARRA.

Next year Said joined to the school ARTE4 where he studied one year and he studied one year and he went on studing sitcom courses with Javier Garcimartín, performing course in LA CENTRAL DE CINE with MARTA MURO and EVA LESMES, in BULULLU AND in SALA TRIANGULO. Being still studing, he taped his first documentary EL DUENDE by TOMESLAV KLARIN, his first character on TV A VER SI LLEGO in a José Luis Moreno sitcom and his first film LA MULA by MICHAEL RADFORD.

Once he finished his performing art studies, he took part in sitcoms such as TOLEDO, FAMILIA, DESCONECTADOS, EL PRINCIPE and the play MAMA ESTÁ LOCA O POSEEDA by Juan Trigos and the tape LARGA NOCHE EN TEXARCANA.

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