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Nikol Kollars was born in San Diego, California, USA, is the oldest of four sisters, mother of a 12 year old son and is of Hawaiian, Chinese, German, Irish and English decent.

In 2021 Nikol plays Jacenta in the first season of the most anticipated science fiction series Foundation on Apple TV+

In April of 2020, the pandemic stopped the performance of the award winning theatrical play “God of Carnage” by Yasmina Reza produced by Jocular Theatre in Barcelona, Spain. Nikol is cast to play Veronica Novak alongside actors James Giblin, Dermot Arrigan and award winning actor Alex Borstein (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel). The theatrical play is still on hold to premiere.

Nikol is an astronaut who just landed on earth in the emotional music video “If We´re Being Honest” by Novo Amor in which she received considerable acclaim for her performance. She also appears in the third season of Westworld (HBO), Warrior Nun (Netflix) and Sin Identidad (Netflix). In her role as Marquita Olivo in the series Paranoid (Netflix) she performs alongside British actor Robert Glenister. She played Dr. Gethers alongside Charlotte LeBon and Tom Hughes in the film Realive (Proyecto Lazaro) written and directed by Mateo Gil (The Sea Inside). She shared a scene with Robert De Niro in the film Red Lights directed by Rodrigo Cortés.

She is also an accomplished singer who has travelled the world performing for an eclectic list of people such as Oprah Winfrey and King Felipe IV and Queen Letícia of Spain. Her original music project, for which she writes the songs, directs and independently produces the music videos, is called Tesla Nix.

Nikol is a graduate of the Meisner Technique Program in Spain, directed by Javier Galitó-Cava. Through this program, she also studied under Rachael Adler (Neighborhood Playhouse, N.Y/ Waterfront Playhouse, California)

An athlete since childhood, Nikol has performed in action films doing most of her stunts. Her performance as a confused Army general running from her own men in Antoni Solé’s short action film You are a Terrorist won her the Best Actress in a Short Film Award at the International Film Festival in Pilas, Spain in 2013.

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