Misa D’Angelo is an Italian actress and singer fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French due to her international upbringing in the US, Argentina, Colombia, Switzerland, Luxembourg and UK. She is best known for her role as Bianca in Hache (Netflix) and Jina in Alejandro Amenábar’s La Fortuna (Movistar+) with an English speaking role. Soon we will see her in Lee Jung-Sub’s sci-fi feature film called AI HER, awarded in the BUCHEON FILM FESTIVAL 2021 .

After her studies in International Relations and Masters in Management, Misa moved to Spain to study the LA renowned Chubbuck technique. In her first year of studies she had the opportunity to assist the Cannes Film Festival with her short film CONNEXION where she had to learn American Sign Language for her role.

In her second big role, Misa had the chance to interpret the wife of the famous Lucky Luciano as the fierce Bianca in HACHE on Netflix. A top 10 series in Spain and Argentina. Here Misa used her Italian roots to convey the character with passion and had the chance to work amongst GOYA winning actors such as Adriana Ugarte and Eduard Noriega.

We can currently find Misa in the role of Jina, a young American intern in Alejandro Amenabar’s first series LA FORTUNA, the only series selected for the SAN SEBASTIAN FILM FESTIVAL.

Misa is also a professional singer with appearances on BBC INTRODUCING and song collaborations with bands such as Grinny Grandad, Synfoly, Bodymotion and others.

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