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My name is José Pescina, I was born in Mexico city in 1989. I grew up among my mother and my sisters, so I am always aware and respectful about women’s issues in the world, and proud of my first main female role as a oaxacan muxe in Carmín Tropical, a film directed by Rigoberto Pérezcano.


I studied acting at Centro Universitario de Teatro, UNAM in Mexico city. It is relevant  to mention that, at this time, I was confused between becoming an actor or a visual artist. But cinema  showed me a fascinating way to talk about life through fiction, and how subversive being an actor could be for a shy guy like me. Finally I made my decision and the charachters that I have been fortunate enough to portray never ceased to surprise me. About these charachters, I like their different textures, whether it is on cinema, theatre or tv. As the visual artist that I am inside defining the texture of a charachter is as important to me as choosing between a white canvas, a piece of wood or a cement wall.

I consider myself a curious actor, interested in controversial themes. So, when I have the opotunity to participate in a story, I like to think that I can hold a real dialogue with the audience that goes beyond the use of words.


Medium Level
High Level




Scenic fight




Territorio Character Manuel
Dir. Andrés Clariond
Dir. José Aramburo (Cortometraje)
El eco del caracol
Dir. José Alberto Anguiano Silva (Cortometraje)
Dir. Alex Zuno (Cortometraje)
Otro muerto
Dir. Emilio González (Cortometraje)
Preludio a una siesta Character Israel
Dir. Mariana H. Menchaca
Númen (Nomination to the best actor)
Dir. Daniel Rojo (Cortometraje)
Dir. Sebastián del Valle Leguízamo (Cortometraje)
Maríachi nights
Dir. Nancy Cruz (Cortometraje)
El sol no sale para todos
Dir. Edith Gutiérrez (Cortometraje)
El Tigre y la flor
Dir. Denisse Quintero (Cortometraje)
Carmín tropical Character Mabel
Dir. Rigoberto Pérezcano


La templanza Character Santos Huesos Joven
Amazón Prime
Un extraño enemigo Character Ochoa
Amazón Prime
El César Character Alfredo
Tv Azteca BTF Media
Érase una vez Character Toño
Realidad aumentada Character Brayan
El capo Chatacter Periodista


Los viajes del abuelo y la leyenda de Sant Jordi Character José
Museo del Juguete & Ayto de Martorellas (BCN) Compañia proyecto escolar
Cómo no estar solo
Company Si o sí teatro
Ramiro,el ave que viajó a la luna Character Ramiro
Teather for kids
Vivir Character Hijo
Company La gracia films
Perimortem Character Muerte
Company Si o sí teatro
Maracanazo Character Yemanjá
Dir. Mario Espinosa


Centro Universitario de teatro de la UNAM Año 2008-2012

Curso Intensivo de carpetas cinematográficas Dir. Erika Ávila

Taller de Máscara de la comedia humana Dir. Roberto Duarte

Cátedra Ingmar Bergman Unam Taller de actuación Dir. Bruce Myers

Cátedra Ingmar Bergman Unam Spirit of singing Dir Maud Robart