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Johnny Melville


  • Acrobatics, Basic
  • Aikido, Basic
  • Badminton, Basic
  • Singing, Basic
  • Comedian, Basic
  • Horseback Riding, Basic
  • Improvisation, Basic
  • Mime, Basic
  • Clown, Basic
  • Performance, Basic
  • Rugby, Basic
  • Saxophone, Basic
  • Showman, Basic
  • Tennis, Basic
  • Car license


  • Escocesa


  • English, Native

  • French, High

  • Spanish, High (Acento: Ingles, Frances)

  • Italian, High

  • Swedish, High

  • Portuguese, Mid-level

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Johnny Melville

Johnny Melville was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. After graduating in Social Anthropology at Edinburgh University he moved to London where he then performed in and directed a series of projects at Oval House London, as director of Salakta Balloon Band and later as founder/director of Kaboodle Theatre company. Between 1978 – 2010 he performed six different solo shows COME AGAIN, TROUBLESHOOTER, MEMBERS ONLY, DIRTY MONEY, EUROPEAN BLUES and BEST OF JOHNNY. These were seen by an estimated 1 and a half million people in over 40 countries.

He has performed for every possible audience imaginable: the Queen of Denmark, African Bushmen, Russian spies, German riot-police, Japanese businessmen, Chiapas Indians, pensioners, prisoners & children across Europe, Japan, Russia, Australia and the Americas. His range and flexibility reflects all this experience in the various film roles he has played. He has performed movie roles in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Danish.

In 1990 the Italian director Vana Paoli cast him in the lead role Lungo il Fiume and since then he has played in 20 feature films with lead roles in Blindspot (Netherlands), Castingx (Netherlands) and No Man’s Land (Denmark) as well as lead roles in the 30-minute films Game Over (TV film Austria), Killer Berberechos (Spain) and The Trench (Spain). He has since written and directed five short films in English, Dutch, German and Catalan (Its a Woman’s World, Paradise Tours, Bitxos y Roses, Bubblebath and Windows) and around 40 mini-shorts. He always participates in an acting role in whatever he directs.

He has had the privilege to work with Robert Towne, Alex de La Iglesia, Carrol Baker, Emma Roberts, Nigel Terry, Iain Charleson, Rutger Hauer, Dana Gillespie, Cyron Melville, Alex Casanovas, Kim Bodnia, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Peter Gantzler, Dieter Meier, Jango Edwards, Slava Polunin and Danish director Martin Zandvliet (Land of Mine – Oscar nominee )

In 2001 he won BEST ACTOR at Brooklyn (Williamsburg) Film Festival for his lead role in Nina Rosenmeier’s No Man’s Land.

In 2011 his first short Backtracker won him BEST DIRECTOR & BEST ACTOR at Girona Film Festival. He also received the XAVIER CUGAT AWARD at the same festival.

In 2015 he won SPECIAL HONORABLE MENTION OF THE JURY at Marbella Filmmaker International Film Festival and ACTOR OF THE MONTH (August) at the Monthly Film Festival (online) for The Trench.

In 2019 he won BEST ACTOR at the Bogota Animal Film Festival (Colombia) and BEST PERFORMER at the John Abraham Short Film Festival (India) for the short Catalan film Primates. In 2020 he appeared in the powerful new series 30 COINS directed by Alex de la Iglesia, and various other Spanish TV and film productions.

Johnny Melville-0
Johnny Melville-1
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  • Videbook Johnny Melville



  • "The Mutilated", Dir. Artur Molina & Helio Valero (cortometraje)
  • "Don't Look Back ", Dir Adrián Ruiz del Cerro (cortometraje)
  • "The Last Hours of Eric Blanco ", Dir. Alex Escudero (cortometraje)
  • "Nefarious", Dir Michael O'Bernicia
  • "Stanbrook ", Dir. Oscar Bernacer (cortometraje)
  • "Welcome (Teaser)", Dir Geoffrey Cowper (cortometraje)
  • "California", Dir. Sònia Mandicó (cortometraje)
  • "A Vulture's Story ", Dir Enrique Perales Mañes (cortometraje)
  • "Tempesta", Dir Marta Gonzalez (cortometraje)
  • "Primates ", Dir .Artur Molina (cortometraje)
  • "This Tourist Guides (Frank)", Dir. Kate (cortometraje)
  • "The Apricot Tree (Alf)", Dir.Gideon Van Eeden (cortometraje)
  • "Tempesta (the Conductor)", Dir. Marta Gonzalez (cortometraje)
  • "Hotel California (The Manager)", Dir. Soniua Médico (cortometraje)
  • "A Vulture´s story (The Man in Black) ", Dir Enrique Perales Mañes (cortometraje)
  • "Paradise Hills ", Alice Waddington
  • "Fishbone ", Dir.Adán Aliaga
  • "Upstairs Neighbous ", Dir. Johnny Melville (cortometraje)
  • "Windows", Dir. Johnny Melville (cortometraje)
  • "Introducing the new A-I phone ", Dir.Johnny Melville (cortometraje)
  • "That drop 8piloto serie)", Dir. Lous van Zwol
  • "Land of mine ", Dir Martin Zandvliet
  • "Day Release", Dir.Geoffrey Cowper
  • "Bubblebath", Dir. Johnny Melville (cortometraje)
  • "Elizabeth ", Dir.Mads Rosecrantz (cortometraje)
  • "The Trench", Dir. Javier Llamazares
  • "Laugs that heal ", Dir. Ernest Pancho (cortometraje)
  • "Chilis & Roses ", Dir.Johnny Melville (cortometraje)
  • "Idiosyncratic ", Dir. Ad Bol (cortometraje)
  • "Chronicles from the other side ", Dir. Andre Cruz
  • "Re-evolution", Dir. Ben Cole
  • "Paradise Tours", Guión y dirección Johnny Melville
  • "The tourist Guide ", Dir. Kate Erhardt (cortometraje)
  • "Cell primates ", Dir Johnny Melville (cortometraje)
  • "Love and Rage", Dir. Morten Giese
  • "Able", Dir. Marc Robert
  • "Blindspot", uión Johnny Melville/Ad Bol & Director Ad Bol
  • "The international brigade (piloto)", Dir. Cris Samwells
  • "Shop Spank", Dir. Jamie Clarke
  • "Light Years", Dir. Steve Nesbit (cortometraje)
  • "What patients want ", Dir. Ad Bol (cortometraje)
  • "Heartcore", Dir.Eelko Ferwerda (cortometraje)
  • "Rule of three cell-fone movies", Dir. Johnny Melville /Philip Oehlshlaegel,
  • "Wicked", Dir. Michael Knighton
  • "t’s a woman’s world", Dir. Johnny Melville (cortometraje)
  • "Little brother,litlle sister ", Dir GREG mcqueen (cortometraje)
  • "Backtracker", Guión & Director Johnny Melville (cortometraje)
  • "Castingx", Dir. Ad Bol
  • "The moll twins ", Dir. Emil Van Zuijlen
  • "Far from China", Dir. Christian Leigh
  • "No Man’s Land", Dir. Nina Rosenmeier
  • "Teleclub clips ", Dir Marco Valpini (cortometraje)
  • "Killer Clams ", Dir. Andres Cruz (cortometraje)
  • "Manila", Dir. Antonio Chaverrias
  • "Lightmaker", Dir. Dieter Meier
  • "Lungo Il Fume ", Dir. Vana Paoli
  • "The Return", Dir. Jens Joren Thorsen
  • "Written in the Stars", Dir. Ricard Reguant


  • European Blues - Guión & Director por Johnny Melville
  • Best of Johny - Guión & Director por Johnny Melville
  • Fools Mass - Dir. Matt Mitler
  • Devils of Loudon - Dir. Matt Mitler
  • Members Only - Guión & Director por Johnny Melville
  • Dirty Money - Dir. Matt Mitler
  • t don’t mean a thing - Guión & Director por Johnny Melville
  • Troubleshooter - Dir. Johnny Melville / Matt Mitler
  • Come Again - Guión & Director por Johnny Melville


  • Styx - Dir. Mari Cielo Pajares
  • Los Hombres de Paco cap 8,9 - Globomedia
  • 30 Monedas 1T - Dir. Alex de la Iglesia HBO
  • LINE WALKER - Serie China
  • Cuentame que Pasó Cap 356 - TVE1
  • The Bet - Styx Tv Series
  • Buenos días - TV canarias
  • Dark Justice - Dir.David Calloway
  • Comedy Casino - DRS 1


  • Edinburgh Unversity
  • Acreditacion como profesor de Artes Escénicas en House College
  • Talleres/entrenamiento actoral con Nancy Meckler, Emile Wolk
  • Seminarios y workshops con Lindsay Kemp, Desmond Jones, Jeff Nuttal, Pip Simmons, Matt Mitler, Pam Brighton
  • Pleiadian Lightwork healing in full Sensory Perception technique (levels 1-5)
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