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Ben Vinnicombe


  • Singing, Mid-level
  • Climbing, Basic
  • Inline Skating, Basic
  • Skydiving, Basic
  • Piano, Basic
  • Car license


  • Británica


  • Spanish, Native

  • English, Native (Acento: Británico y Americano)

  • Catalan, Basic (Acento: Español y Británico)

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Ben Vinnicombe

Ben Vinnicombe, is an English actor and music producer born in London in 1978 and brought up on the Costa del Sol. At an early age he showed interest for acting, music and showmanship. He started producing music at the age of 15 under the aliases of Darkat and Ben Dusak performing at mayor festivals such as “Live Dance Festival 96”, “Tribal Nation” and “FIMES” 96 and 97.

At the age of 27 he moved to Barcelona where he continued his passion for acting and was casted in TV shows and films such as; “Los Hombres de Paco”, “Fuga de cerebros 2”,  “Walt Disney The Avatars” and “Human Core”.

He played the main role in the feature film “Las aventuras de Jesus Maria Cristobal Pequeño and was part of the main cast in the movies “Don’t Speak” and  “Apokalipstik – working title”.

His latest work in Theatre has been with “Escapade Theatre Company” showing his versatile acting skills on stage by playing two outstanding characters in “Diary of a Scoundrel”.

An Englishman with a Malaguenian spark… as he says himself “soy un guiri con arte”

Ben Vinnicombe-0
Ben Vinnicombe-1
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  • Videobook Ben Vinnicombe



  • "Exopolitics ", Dir. Gilles Gambino
  • "The postcard Killings ", Dir. Danis Tanovic
  • "My World ", Dir. Alex Escudero (cortometraje)
  • "Assasin´s Target ", Dir. Gilles Gambino
  • "Fishbone ", Dir.Adán Aliaga
  • "Alien Invasion ", Dir.Marc Carreté
  • "Ahora o nunca", Dir María Ripoll
  • "Panda", Giles Gambino
  • "Apokalipstik - working title", Gilles Gambino
  • "ABA English", english learning films
  • "Las aventuras de Jesús María Cristobal Pequeño", Gilles Gambino
  • "Don’t Speak", Amadeu Artasona
  • "Fuga de Cerebros 2", Carlos Therón
  • "Money", Iker Iturria (cortometraje)
  • "3D Mania", Julian Crivelli Romero (cortometraje)
  • "Lie", Oscar Shocking (cortometraje)
  • "Corintios 13", Manfre e Iker Iturria (cortometraje)


  • Diary of a Scoundrel - Dir. Sue Flack


  • Glow and Darkness - - Dir. Jose Luis Moreno
  • Teleapápatic - Dir. Sito Ruiz
  • La LLum d'Elna - Dir. Sílvia Quer
  • Dangerous - David Guetta Dir- Jonas Âkerlund
  • The Avatars - Serie Disney
  • Human Core - Dir. Manfre i Iturria- Serie
  • Los Hombres de Paco - Serie - Antena 3


  • Curso entrenamiento actoral frente a cámara con Pablo Silberschmidt
  • Curso de técnica actoral con Eduardo Jara y Hector Varonese
  • Formación actoral con John Malcolm
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