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Aleksandar Ivanov was born in a small town in Lower Saxony called Ghifhorn, his parents had requested asylum as refugees in Germany after fleeing the communist regime in Bulgaria. After denying them the visa, his uncle came to pick him up and took him to Bulgaria at just one year of age.
He would be living in Bulgaria for five years, until his mother took him to Spain.
His fondness for acting arose from a very young age, at school, he played being different fictional characters, sometimes he even dressed up, and his favorite character was Batman. Without realizing it, he was making a construction of his own characters…
Maybe, in part, this is one of the reason of his interest for risky activities arose, sometimes he got into trouble simply by trying to avoid them, he used to think, “If they don’t respect me, they will mess with me…” This is how he came to develop a character For each confrontation, one less violent, another a little more aggressive in case things got ugly, and of course, there was the “good guy”, the one who tried to avoid the conflict by talking, that’s why in the end he didn’t lack friends, he loved “good guy”, he was his favorite. However, in the theaters that were organized at school, he liked being the bad guy, “nobody could mess with the bad guy,” he thought.
The fact is that sometimes you learn to hide the true self behind a mask and, without realizing it, it grows stronger and stronger with the energy of our habits. During his adolescence, he did not know how to distinguish between essence and mask so, due to his education, he finished his studies and went to university. Every day after finishing classes, he would run to his boxing training.
Due to his ability with boxing and martial arts, one of the agencies he was registered with and worked with from time to time doing some publicity, called him to do a casting for an international advertisement in which they were looking for people who knew how to fight. The experience woke up the bug for this profession, which was completely unknown, the profession of film specialist.
The following year he were going to be formed as Stunt man in the Spanish Association for the training of Red Txetxu Film Specialists
One of the subjects during the course was interpretation, taught by who is now a good friend and mentor of him, Edduardo Viera, with whom from the first moment he felt a great affinity, a special connection. This encouraged him to continue training in the field of acting.
He began the course of acting classes at the Coolturetas school with Carlos Pontini.

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Last Hero Personaje Mercenario
Dir.Joseba Alfaro
Tributo a Bud Spencer Personaje Matón
Dir.Joseba Alfaro


Estoy Vivo 4T
Amazón Prime TVE1


Show de improvisación teatral Coolturetas Comedy
Dir. Carlos Pontini
Cena de Tronos
Dir. Virginia López


DYOM (Develop Your Own Method - Desarrolla Tu Propio Método) Dir. Susan Batson

Grupo de teatro avanzado Coolturetas

Grupo de Improvisación TGR