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Yuri was born in Belgium. His love for acting started during his scholarship at the Steiner School where from the age of 12, he played every year in the school’s theater production.

When he graduated from the AcSenT Academy in Antwerp (aka OpenLiving, where Poppe Boonstra trains professional actors with the J.Lecoq, E.Decroux, J.Grotowski methods), he was offered a feature role in the famous Belgian TV series Thuis during almost 2 years. Meanwhile he also appeared in 2 other National TV series, Wittekerke and Familie and also in the Spanish national series La Que Se Avecina.

Conscious of the need to continuously improve and grow as an artist, he gives a lot of importance to his own training. That’s how he discovered the Meisner technique through The Actor’s Workshop by Frank Feys. Right after this, he immersed into this technique through a very demanding, enriching and challenging Meisner-technique training by Javier Galito Cava & Rachael Adler from the Neighborhood Playhouse, and he is now a successful graduate from the program.

Besides his passion for acting, he also invested himself in Latin dances. He has trained with renowned Cuban instructors and has mastered many of the Latin dances, such as salsa, bachata, merengue and samba among others.

When living in Barcelona he got passionate about Argentinian tango and after an intensive training, he joined a Tango dance company performing at different national events.

To complete his many artistic sides, Yuri plays the cello since the early age of 8. He has played in a national symphonic orchestra and nowadays has included the cello in some of his latest theater monologues.

He is a very athletic man. He snowboards, ice and inline skates, kite surfs, obtained the PADI advanced diver certificate and he is a paraglider pilot.

Throughout his career as an actor and business development director, he has had plenty of opportunities to contribute significantly to important and exciting projects, and has put to good use the broad range of languages that he masters. In this sense, he has been on stage playing in several theater productions, television and in a variety of films performing in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German.

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