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I was born in Mexico DF In the district of Coyoacan, I started doing theater in adolescence because my mom enrolled me in a course of artistic initiation, which initially did almost as an obligation, but after what gave meaning to my life. I moved to Barcelona in 2003 , looking for anything in particular, felt the need for new artistic and personal experiences , I felt that in other parts happened important things I was losing me , here I have worked in theater, film , television and advertising. I graduated in dramatic literature and theater , I also do stage directing and acting coaching. In several of the roles played throughout my career, and especially in my work in the theater, performing my duties have included dance, bullfighting games, boxing, sports of all kinds, juggling, acrobatics, fencing, singing, etc. . I worked for both Mexican and Spanish directors and even British. Although I have experience in all kinds of papers, my career is centered on characters with a strong psychological burden, and is focused primarily towards independent film. I honestly do not see myself doing anything else, the poison of the interpretation I have in the body.



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