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Karina Moscol, Spanish-Peruvian actress, she began her incursion into the world of art at a young age. Classical ballet and theater were the artistic disciplines with which she had the first contact when she was 7.

She had access to the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático, which she combined with her degree in Communication Sciences at the Universidad Privada del Norte in Trujillo.

After graduating, she travelled to Spain to continue her studies and start new professional challenges.

Karina continued forming with international high-level professionals in both audiovisual interpretation as in the theater. She continued her studies in classical, jazz and contemporary dance.

Over those years, related to her profession, she continued pursuing studies as Directing Actors, Audiovisual Production, Casting, Cultural Management…

As an actress, she worked in various Spanish and international audiovisual and theater productions. She also entered the world of dubbing and locution working for 2 years in the Editorial Santillana, for the US.

Karina, without leaving her job as an actress, in 2013 she created her own event production company related to art and culture, Chulapa Flow Productions, implementing all the knowledge acquired over the years. Creates ESTACIÓN21, one of the representative events of the city of Madrid, with which she has created and directed productions, selected artists, produced and organized.

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