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Kao CHEN-MIN, was born in Taiwan in 1953 in the city KAO SHIOUNG at south of the island. Together with his family, Kao grows in an atmosphere of cold war, and with his family, they fled in the early 60s until they reached the city of Barcelona where they settled.

My first encounter with the world of cinema was in Madrid, with the film “55 Días en Pekín”, as an extra-actor, for me was the most impressive thing of the world, living a blockbuster with Charlton Heston, Ava Garder, David Niven, this experience marked my life .

In my youth, I entered in quality of extra-actor, like a henchman of FU MAN CHU (Christopher Lee) in the film “El Castillo de Fu-Man-Chu” by Jesus Franco. Then, and to round out my checking account, I joined an advertising agency BCN.

So I enrolled at the University of Life. A self-taught, I learned to play guitar, drawing and other evil trades, without much qualification or skills, but with the satisfaction that has enriched me.

To have a job position in this trading company, I spent many years of my life to the world of hostelry and serving very Chinese foods as “3 Delights Salad”, “spring rolls” and baking “Lacquered plates”. Between courses, I occasionally used to shoot an ad or film.

Summing years and experience I placed in my twilight years, in a moment of madness I signed up in almost all the agencies of Barcelona, ??touching all the points of casting, shooting as an actor, helper, dubbing- actor … in an insane maelstrom I worked as a Chinese in almost all specialties or categories of this audiovisual world. I found myself before this spiral of madness, tired and lost in 2011 I exchanged interesting data to a partner in a film, she gave me Decara-Actores agency data. I must confess that is the best. Here they opened my eyes on what was the best for me and what does not. They marked, advised and identified new goals for me.

Now I have clear that being with many agencies don’t improve my work quality. When an actor finds an agent in which can trust they must fight together to achieve better and better characters.

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High level

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