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‘Julius Cotter is, without a doubt, one of the bravest actors I’ve had the privilege to work with. It is beautiful to watch him grow at full speed, while continuing to be the humble and professional artist any director would dream of having as part of their team.’ – Javier Galitó-Cava, Director of the JGC Meisner Technique Program.

Julius Cotter is a bilingual British actor working in English and Spanish. In his brief but intense career he has worked on various international film projects and television series in both languages.
Film titles include: Red Lights directed by Rodrigo Cortés, Andalucia: Revenge of the Goddess, directed by Hiroshi Nishitani, Outlier and 73’ directed by José Pozo, After the Lethargy directed by Marc Carreté and Paradise Hills directed by Alice Waddington which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in February 2019, playing opposite Emma Roberts and Milla Jovovich

Television series include: The Refugees, BBC, playing opposite Natalia Tena; Sé Quién Eres, Telecinco (Spain), directed by Pau Freixas, playing opposite Francesc Garrido; the French series Cannabis, Canal Arte, directed by Lucie Borleteau, playing opposite Pedro Casablanc; La Verdad, Telecinco (Spain), playing opposite Lydia Bosch and Ginés García Millán; Félix, Canal Movistar, written and directed by Cesc Gay, playing opposite Leonardo Sbaraglia; Servir y Proteger, RTVE (Spain), playing opposite Adrià Collado and Luisa Martin, and Vivir Sin Permiso – Season 2, Telecinco (Spain), playing opposite Patrick Criado and Rubén Zamora.

Julius is a graduate of the Meisner Technique Program directed by Javier Galitó-Cava, in Barcelona, Spain. While there his roles included Othello in ‘Othello’, Terry in ‘The Cavalcaders’, Pale in ‘Burn This’, Johnny in ‘Lovers and Other Strangers’, and Charlie in ‘A Palm Tree in a Rose Garden’. During this time he received Master classes from Rachael Adler, (Neighborhood Playhouse, New York) and studied Movement and Voice with Matthew Graham Smith (Berkeley) and Lee Ann Etzold (Philadelphia).

He has been involved in various artistic disciplines during his life, and has a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art from the University of East London. But the desire to act was always present, thus, several years ago he decided to give that desire breathing space and take the plunge.

“From an early age I was fascinated by the way people expressed themselves, spoke and moved. I would often, imitate other people’s accents, ways of behaving and mannerisms. I wanted to live in their skin, even if it was just for one brief moment.”

Julius has also taken various other courses and classes, including diction, singing, improvisation and martial arts to name but a few and is currently furthering his studies in improvisation.

Julius is a member of the AADPC (Associació d’Actors i Directors Professionals de Catalunya) in Barcelona and is represented by Beatriz Oliete at Decara Actors in Spain

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Der Barcelona krimi
Dir. Isabell Suba.
Black beach
Dir. Esteban Crespo
Dir Javier Ruiz Caldera & Alberto Toro
Way Down
Dir. Jaume Balagueró
Paradise Hills
Dir. Alice Waddington
After the Lethargy
Dir. Mar Carrete
Dir. José Pozo
Dir. José Pozo
Red Lights
Dir. Rodrigo Cortés
Grand Piano
Dir. Eugenio Mira
Grand Piano personaje Agente de Seguro
Dir. Eugenio Mira
Andalucía: Megami no Houfuku personaje Ignacio Lalo
Dir. Hiroshi Nishitani
Natalie _Net personaje Psicólogo
Dir. Chico Morera
Black Suit Gangsters personaje John/Kiwi
Dir. Joan Amiell
Magic Journey to Africa personaje El caracal
Dir. Jordi Llompart
Los Huesos del Frío personaje Lucio
Dir. Enrique Leal (Cortometraje)
That Will Be The Day personaje Grayson Tucker
Dir. Albert Escuder (Cortometraje)
The Sight personaje Karl-Friedrich Eichmann
Dir. Alex Assenmacher (Cortometraje)
Noir Intense personaje Man
Dir. Anders Bigum (Cortometraje)
El Camino a Casa
Dir. Alfonso Saenz
El Cazador
Dir. Pol Parés
Tapa Cerrada
Dir. Jorge Castrillo (Cortometraje)
Han Disparado a una Rubia
Dir. Aitor Iturriza (Cortometraje)
Ha Pasado
Dir. Stephan Hofmann (Cortometraje)
Con una bala en la cabeza
Dir. Nico Aguerre (Cortometraje)


Ministerio del tiempo 4T
Little Birds
Sky Channel England
Vivir Sin Permiso Character Mr Anderson 2T
Prod. Alea Media T5 (Spain)
Servir y Proteger Personaje Rudolph
cap 356 al 365 TVE1
Felix personaje Yogui
Dir. Cesc Gay Canal Movistar+
La Verdad personaje Hugh Fleming
Tele 5
Cannabis personaje traficante de drogas
Canal Arte
Se quien eres personaje Dr Van der Meyde
Tele 5
Le Princess
Canal ARTE
La Sexta
En Post-producción
El Crac
La Sexta
Conexió Barcelona
El So del Raval


Mac Heath
Dir Sue Flack, Teatre del Centre
Miller vs Williams
Dir. Nico Rivero, Teatro Nau Ivanow
Noche de Mamet
Dir. Blanca Martínez, Teatre Riereta
My Beautiful Quiz
Dir. Nicholas Barnard, Canteen Theatre
Amantes en la Sombra
Dir. Joaquin Daniel, Anaglifos Art Factory
Dir. Javier Galitó-Cava, Anaglifos
Burn This
Dir. Javier Galitó-Cava, Anaglifos
Either / Or
Dir. Javier Galitó-Cava, Anaglifos
Descalzos en el Parque
Dir. Frank Feys, AWS, Barcelona
Otherwise Engaged
Dir. Frank Feys, AWS, Barcelona


Clases Magistrales, Técnica Meisner con Rachael Adler

Programa de Técnica Meisner con Javier Galitó-Cava

Movimiento y voz con Matthew Graham Smith

Improvisación teatral para actores con Ángel Galán

Clases de Canto y Voz con Mónica Muñoz

Movimiento y Voz con Lee Ann Etzold

Clases de dicción Escuela de teatro Nancy Tuñón

Actors Workshop con Frank Feys