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Jordi Hanley is an actor and voiceover actor born in Barcelona in 1996, son of a British father and Spanish-North American mother. Jordi has studied acting at El Timbal (Barcelona), and has kept training both in acting as in voice with various professionals in the business (Frank Stein Studio and Laura Jou Estudi per a l’Actor, Barcelona). He’s also studying Humanities at Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra University, where he’s a member of the theatre group.
His first professional experience was in 2010, year in which he was given the lead role in The Unstrument, a full-length independent film fully in English, filmed in Barcelona and directed by the group Libre Albedrío. Since then, he’s been involved in various projects on camera as on stage.
Lately he’s worked with English theatre companies, based in Barcelona, in such plays as The Pillowman (Antic Teatre, 2014), directed by Joshua Zamrycki, or Diary of a Scoundrel (Versus Teatre, 2015), directed by Sue Flack. Currently he’s in rehearsals for Titus, by William Shakespeare, directed by Pep Antón Gómez, which opens in Catalan in May 2016.
He’s also worked extensively in voiceovers; he started as a member of The Bing Selfish Radio Show cast, from 2007 to 2013, broadcast in the United Kingdom, and recently he’s worked on adverts for known brands, educational videos, and English listening exercises for language students.
His natural knowledge of English, Spanish and Catalan have allowed him to work in projects in each of these languages, changing easily between the three.