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Aurélie-Hind is a French actress, dancer and model of Tunisian heritage. At the age of six she began studying theatre arts with jazz, ballet and drama classes, later specialising in flamenco. At 20 years old, Aurélie passed her audition for the famous Parisian school of dramatic arts, Les Cours Florent, where she trained intensively for three years alongside studying philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris.

During her career she has appeared in films and television series’ in France (La Surprise d’Alain Tasma , le grand zapping de l’humour ….) before coming to Spain, where she was invited by Consol Tura (the wife of the late Bigas Luna) to work at the famous Cabaret El Plata in Zaragoza.

Currently Aurélie-Hind resides in Madrid, Spain and works across acting, voice-over translation (dubbing) and modelling, whilst continuing to train as an performer under the guidance of award-winning Spanish actress, Assumpta Serna.

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